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MASASHI's Words in English

Aotsuki Shizk translates MASASHI's words into English.



I had been really looking forward to it! ...Although he sang a few songs at Aesthetic Party last October and Dying-Table at the in-store event in Nagoya last month, he hadn't performed with a band for 16 months! I was also excited because I was supposed to see my old and new friends.

At first I went to my university to gather materials for my research papers. Then I met Tomoko-san and we went to a coffee shop “Coffee Aristocrat” in Shibuya to meet my other friends. We love that name(ahaha). My friends came there one after another and we all went to TOWER RECORDS. By the way Tomoko-san gave the tarot card I didn't have to me and I have all kinds of the cards now! Thank you~☆

I couldn't get an invitation for KAMIJO Reception Party last year. KAMIJO announced he would gave a special reserved ticket for the next live to anyone who visited there after the party. But Tokyo is far from my town and I couldn't go there just for get a ticket. It was February that the information about the way of attending PREMIERE SHOWCASE. Those who didn't have a special reserved ticket had to visit TOWER RECORDS in Shibuya and pre-order a copy of Symphony of The Vampire. He's not kind for people who live in further place from Tokyo... But fortunately a friend of mine who lives in Tokyo went to purchase a copy and got a ticket for me!

The ticket number wasn't so good and I thought I saw his live show from the back, but my friend savanna-san exchanged her ticket whose number was better than mine for my ticket and I entered earlier... I found ru-san and furachio-kun that had special reserved tickets. That's why I was at the left side as usual ... MASASHI-kun was not there though(ahaha).

The place was pretty large like a live house. Many people were there! But I had a problem. I couldn't connect to the Internet at times... I looked around and found many people around me checked twitter or facebook... Why? My cellphone company is to blame for it? By the way KAMIJO wrote on his blog, “You don't have to call ‘Vive le roi!’ due to production circumstances.” two days before. So I was talking with my friends until the show began. Then Symphony of The Vampire did fade-out and the lights went off. I was pushed hard from behind and I was at 3th row... as usual(ahaha).

Support members appeared one after another from the left side of the stage. Wow! Their cravats looked like Louis and coats did like KAMIJO Symphony. They looked good on them!

Then KAMIJO appeared! I already saw his costume many times and was not so surprised(ahaha), but I got excited when I saw him step on a speaker on the stage.

01. First movement “Presto”

He also wrote on his blog, “I won’t perform all the movements.” I was a little disappointed because I like listening to KAMIJO Symphony from the beginning to the end. But anyway I was glad to hear it as the first song! I was just watching KAMIJO for a while because I was so happy that I could see him performing again. Then KAMIJO led us and many fans began to raise their fists, do hand banging or wave their hands. I began to remember how to enjoy a live show! KAMIJO said to us, “Thank you.” without using a microphone with a smile.

02. Second movement “Sacrifice of Allegro”

KAMIJO raised his fist at the opening. I could hear the sound pretty well but it was hard for me to raise my fist along the part. Many fans enjoyed his live show in the same way as Versailles'. It was fun! By the way when I watched the talk video of KAMIJO and MU on YouTube, I got interested in DAISHI-kun. At the beginning of the show I was just watching KAMIJO but I found DAISHI was in front of me at this song!!! He was smiling and sooooooo cute~☆

The members were ... from right to left, Meku was at the right side of the stage but I couldn't see him almost all the time. Shinya was at the center behind KAMIJO. IKUO was at the left side of the stage near Shinya. DAISHI was next to IKUO. It was my first time to see them. I was so curious about them that I spent more time watching them rather than watching KAMIJO(ahaha) ...DAISHI-kun is really cute!

03. Third movement “Royal Tercet”

At the opening KAMIJO made devil's horns and raised up. This song is difficult, isn't it? I couldn’t sing along at first. I felt KAMIJO could sing much better than before. Every time I went to Versailles' live show, I was worried about his condition... It was just an old story(ahaha). I also felt he healed me. He's like a tranquilizer for me and I didn't get excited at all(ahaha). I felt calm and was just smiling(ahaha). Tomoko-san was really nervous and already got excited before the live though.

KAMIJO was singing with his hand waving above his head... like “Utsukushiku ikiteyuke~” the third movement of God Palace. At the end of the song his singing did fade-in on CD but he sang twice clearly at that live show.

I was ready for fourth movement but they stopped playing.

KAMIJO: I haven't performed for one year and four months after Versailles stopped. Welcome to my live! I've wanted to see you again! Bonjour! (Audience: Bonjour!) Bonjour! (Audience: Bonjour!) Bonjour! (Audience: Bonjour!) Finally I came back. Tadaima~! (Audience: Okaeri~!) Tadaima~! (Audience: Okaeri~!)

(Note: In Japan when a person comes home, he/she says, “Tadaima.” and a person at home replies, “Okaeri.”)

I didn't expect that call and response at KAMIJO's live show. We did at GACKT-san's live show every time though(ahaha).

KAMIJO: I'll never leave you alone! Just follow me~! I'll sing this song for my little sheep.

I was very glad to hear “I'll never leave you alone!” He's so cool!!!

04. Fourth movement “Dying-Table”

Few fans shouted “Bite!” Many of the fans were quiet. On the other hand KAMIJO's scream “I can't stand!” was so good!!! DAISHI was often smiling though the song was violently☆

05. Fifth movement “Sonata”

KAMIJO made our fists raise up at the beginning. At the part of acoustic guitar on CD, DAISHI was playing with electric guitar instead. Meku was playing at the latter half of a solo. I love the lyrics “Utsukushii senritsu wa chi no kawari to naru (Beautiful melody is an eternity of blood.)” I was singing along♪

At the end, before the piano part, KAMIJO said, “Thank you!” What? Has it ended yet??? I wish he had prepared better ending.

KAMIJO: I have some news. At first my new single “Moulin Rouge” will be released on June 18th. And I'll perform in Paris on July 4th. I think few people will come to see me, but I'll entertain you as much as possible if you come!!! Then new single “Yamiyo no Lion” will be released on July 16th. By the way do you know what day July 19th is?

...Although KAMIJO said many times on in-store event tour, “My first live is only once, so I would like you to come to see me,” he will perform first in Paris. I was sad to hear about the live in Paris. He's a liar! But it wasn't just me who felt so. Everyone said, “No, I don't.” and became confused. (ahahahahahaha)

KAMIJO: Wait!!!!! It's my birthday~!!! (We laughed and clapped hands(ahaha). A fan said, “Happy birthday!”) Wait! It's not today! I'll have first one-man live in Japan on July 19th. Will you all come to see me~? (Audience: I'll come~!) Thanks to my support members, staff and all of you, I'm here. I hope you'll keep up supporting me. This is the final song.... I wrote it with all my heart.

06. Louis –Enketsu no La vie en Rose-

At first piano phrase was playing. When I heard the part “mou sono ai ni dokumi wa iranai (You don't need venom anymore to love me)” for the first time, I laughed a lot. I felt as if he had said to me(ahaha). Don't worry, KAMIJO-kun. I purely love you now(ahaha). He held out his microphone to us at the part of “la vie en rose” before “Kanashimi wo nugisute” His falsetto at the end was so beautiful!

After the song KAMIJO introduced the members, Meku, IKUO, DAISHI and Shinya, and they left one after another. It was about 30 minutes long, but I really enjoyed it!

I posted the set list on my way to the exit. I pulled my bag out of the coin locker and found Kawakita-san of Warner Music Japan was announcing “If you pre-order KAMIJO new single “Moulin Rouge” here, you can get a postcard with his autograph.” I also found another line to buy goods.... But I have some questions to ask him.

Shizk: Excuse me, but I have a letter to KAMIJO-san. To whom should I hand it?
Kawakita-san: Oh, I'll take care of it.

So I handed it to him. By the way I couldn't catch the title of new single in July exactly.

Shizk: The title of new single in July is “Yamiyo no Lion.” Is that right?
Kawakita-san: Yes, that's right. But soon he'll write about it and post to twitter, I think.

But I didn't think he would post soon, so I did instead of him(ahaha).

Kawakita-san: I hope you'll pre-order your copy of his single in June here.
Shizk: Of course, I will!

Oh, he's a good business man(ahaha)☆

At first I joined a line to goods counter. There were four types of photoset. I was unable to make a quick decision, but finally I bought two types of photoset, a makeup pouch and a keychain. I didn't know whether he would hold in-store event or not, and I can't go there again to receive my copy, so I pre-ordered a copy of regular edition. This is a postcard I got.

I gave my exchange ticket to tomaso-kun quickly(ahaha).

Then we moved to a Japanese-style bar. We drank and talked a lot!!! I really enjoyed the party!!! ... I sometimes posted to SNS though. The illustration of KAMIJO on the makeup pouch is kawaii☆ But when I left the bar, I stepped on something and heard the sound... Oh, no! It was my keychain!!! The chain was separated from the body. That's too bad.

I said good-bye to my friends. I had a very good time on that day! Although it was his first live, it was already high quality! He says on ROCK AND READ vol. 53, “My fan raise me up.” ...I really enjoy raising him up(ahaha). I mean I sometimes write my opinion or advice to him, and he has taken some of them. He's getting better. I hope more and more people go to see his live show. What will he perform on his one-man live? I'm really looking forward to seeing his first one-man live on his birthday.

Before that I'll attend his event next months. I can't wait to see him again!

Sorry, I forgot to write an important thing. Some staff videotaped the live show. I hope we can see it in the near future~♪
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